BULLET Electronic City Hall
The St. Louis Public Library’s “Electronic City Hall,” provides Internet access to important city government information.

It is useful to anyone wanting information to do business in the City of St. Louis, follow the progress of pending legislation, or research past legislation.

The Electronic City Hall:
  • Is a valuable tool that gives anyone with a computer and a link to the Internet direct access to important St. Louis city government information via the St. Louis Public Library's homepage.
  • Provides access to:
St. Louis Board of Alderman

Features information on the City Ordinances (currently available back to 1991), but will be updated continually to include new legislation, Board Bills, the City Charter, and the Revised Code of the City of St. Louis.

The City of St. Louis Personnel Office

Features information on the City Personnel rules and regulations and employment opportunities. The St. Louis Personnel Office is responsible for administrating the Civil Service program for the city.

Comments or questions regarding the Electronic City Hall may be directed to the Library by e-mail at