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Aviation History

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It's a's a's something in the sky.  The staff of the St. Louis Public Library highlight the following aviation sites.

Aviation General Information

BULLET Flight Principles
Ever wonder how planes fly?


BULLET How Things Fly
Learn the basic principles that allow aircraft and spacecraft to fly.


BULLET Goodyear Blimp
History, facts, and the location of this blimp's home airstrip.
BULLET Plane Writing
Quotes and stories from early pilots' personal texts.

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Aviation Biographies

BULLET Amelia Earhart
An illustrated biographical profile of Amelia Earhart, from the early years through the mystery of her last flight.


BULLET The Blue Angels
Information and news about the Blue Angels.


BULLET The Wright Brothers
Biographies of the Wright Brothers, the story of the creation of the flying machine, and more.

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BULLET Amelia Earhart Birthplace Museum
Take a virtual tour of Amelia Earhart's birthplace and early childhood home.


BULLET The Aviation History Online Museum
A collection of aircraft images of some of the world's most famous and historic aircraft.


BULLET EMS Helicopters
A gallery of EMS helicopters.


BULLET National Air and Space Museum
Take a virtual tour of the exhibits at NASM. Find out about jet aviation and the golden age of flight.

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Women in Aviation

BULLET Adela Riek Scharr
Mrs. Scharr was the first women licensed to fly commercially in St. Louis and one of the first women to serve as a pilot with the Women's Auxiliary Ferrying Squadron (WAFS).


BULLET Women Airforce Service Pilots, WASP
A tribute to the WASP, the first women in U.S. history trained to fly American military aircraft.


BULLET Amelia Earhart
An illustrated biographical profile of Amelia Earhart, from the early years through the mystery of her last flight.
BULLET Women's Army Corps
A brochure  discussing the military history of the more than 150,000 American women who served in the Women's Army Corps (WAC) during World War II.


BULLET Fly Girls
The story of the Women Airforce Service Pilots (WASP). Includes information about the B-29 bomber.


BULLET Women's Auxiliary Ferrying Squadron (WAFS)
These women pilots transported combat planes across the United States to their shipping destinations.


BULLET The Ninety-Nines
Take a look at women and their role in aviation.
BULLET Women In Aviation Resource Center
A directory of links of women involved in all aspects of aviation.

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Aviation Activities

BULLET Activities and Demonstrations
Learn how to create different types of simple rockets with items around your home.


BULLET Aviation Activities for Kids
Discover the science of flight.
BULLET Aviation Find - A - Word
Print out this find-a-word then find the hidden Aviation words!

BULLET To Infinity and Beyond
Follow along as Buzz Lightyear joins the Discovery Space Crew.
BULLET How to make the “perfect” airplane
Try the St. Louis Public Library way of folding a paper airplane.

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