The following list of cemeteries comprises mainly those in St. Louis city and county, although there are some entries from surrounding counties or from East St. Louis. The list is compiled from a variety of sources. Many entries were found in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch while indexing obituaries from that newspaper. Other sources include our Local History Card File, clipping files, telephone books, and historic directories.

For cemeteries with hypenated names, an attempt has been made to list the cemetery under each name. Location information or notes are supplied when known. Dates at end of entry are for founding and closing, "?" is for date ranges appearing on tombstone. Every effort is made to be as thorough as possible and additional information is added as uncovered.

Cemeteries marked with an asterisk (*) are those currently accepting burials

St. Louis Area Cemeteries



Adas Jeshurun Cemetery (Olive Street Rd.) (1854) (In 1868 became site of United Hebrew ‘s Mount Olive
Allen Cemetery (in Allenton, MO, Meramec Twp)
American-Hellenic Memorial Cemetery (Located on 2 acres of St. Matthew’s Cemetery, purchased by St.
     Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church in 1949, to honor Greek-American war dead.
Anderson Bowles Family Cemetery (east of Dennis Dr., Fenton, Bonhomme Twp; 1858?-1910?)
Andrae ‘Stone’ (small cemetery on Oak St, between Reis & New Ballwin Rds, Ballwin, MO., Bonhomme Twp)
Antioch Baptist Cemetery (Hwy CC, Chesterfield, Bonhomme Twp; 1881?-m)
Armenia Lodge (see Urminia Lodge)
Arsenal Island (middle of Mississippi River near foot of Arsenal St.; first a city cemetery, military cemetery during
     Civil War for Confederates, bodies moved to National Cemetery at Jefferson Barracks after flood washed
     away crosses, leading to many graves marked as unknown) Assumption Catholic Cemetery (4725 Mattis
     School Rd., Mattese (now Lemay?), Carondelet Twp; 1861- )

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B’Nai Amoona Congregation Cemetery (848 & 930 North and South Rd., University City; 1871-)
B’nai B’rith Cemetery (Gravois Rd. 6 miles SW of the city) (1850?)
B’Nai El Heberew Cemetery (on Gravois Rd., this section is now part of Mt. Sinai Cemetery; 1862?- )
Bacon Family Cemetery (on Parkway South H.S. grounds Woods Mill & Manchester, Bonhomme Twp)
Ballwin Missionary Baptist (Ballwin, MO, Bonhomme Twp)
Banker-Fry Cemetery (also called Fry-Banker Cemetery)
Baptist Cemetery (On Lemp Ave, near Cherokee, 1864?-closed before 1879)
Bartold Family Cemetery (Wildwood, Meramec Twp)
Bates Family Cemetery (Wildwood, Meramec Twp)
Bates/Thornhill Cemetery (Chesterfield, Bonhomme Twp)
Baxter’s Lakes (Chesterfield)
Bayer/Kroenung Cemetery (Chesterfield, Bonhomme Twp)
Beiger Cemetery (Wildwood, Meramec Twp)
Belger Cemetery (Chesterfield, Bonhomme Twp)
*Bethlehem Lutheran Cemetery (entrance on Broadway, formerly Bellefontaine Rd., 4947 West Florissant)     
     Established by the city with charter obtained March 7, 1849, incorporating the Rural Cemetery Association. 
     The first land purchase, the138 acre Stephen Hempstead farm, was made the following July. In October,
     Superintendent Almerin Hotchkiss was hired to begin work of clearing and laying out the grounds, which he
     did for the next 46 years. Dedicated May 15, 1850 and opened for the selection of lots. Additional purchases
     of ground were made until 1896 when the enclosure came to embraced 327 acres, and 14 miles of
     roads.Adjoining it on the north is Calvary Cemetery. Non-sectarian, as of 2002 contains more than 86,000? 
     graves. Among its most noted residents Auguste Chouteau, Dred Scott, Thomas Hart Benton, General
     William Clark, Gen. Sterling Price, Gen. William Tecumseh Sherman, Sara T easdale,Kate Chopin,
     Tennessee Williams, William S. Burroughs,James Buchanan Eads, the Lemp family and Adolphus Busch
        (Elk’s Rest - section reserved for B.P.O.E. members; established 1849) (Section reserved for Mason’s
         after closure of Masonic Cemetery)
Bellefontaine Methodist Cemetery (No. County, same as above?)
Bellefontaine Military Cemetery (see Fort Bellefontaine)
*Bellerive (Forever)(Heritage) Cemetery (740 N. Mason Rd., Creve Coeur, Central Twp)
Bernard Cemetery (So. County)
Bernard Family Cemetery (Wildwood, Meramec Twp)
*Beth Hamedrosh Hagodol Cemetery (9125 Ladue Rd east of Price Rd.; 1901-)
Bethania Cemetery Belonging to the German Evangelical Church, on St. Charles Rock Road at Wabash Railway, seven miles from court house. Now known as Bethany UCC Cemetery.
Bethany Lutheran Cemetery (6800 [Easton] Dr. Martin Luther King Dr., 1891-1901)
Bethany UCC Cemetery (2101 Lucas & Hunt Rd. at St. Charles Rock Road , Wellston?) Originally affiliated
     with Bethany-Peace United Church of Christ (aka Bethany Evangelical & Reformed Church) , now owned by
     St. Peter’s; 1870-1890)
Bethel (near Lindenwood Sta- Frisco RR, 6/1899)
Bethel Methodist Churchyard (Hwy 100 near Pond, Mo; contains burial of Civil War soldiers and slaves
     reinterred here from family graveyards; also called Pond Cemetery, Wildwood, Meramec Twp; est. 1875)
*Bethlehem Lutheran Cemetery (Clay Ave. cor. 1093 Switzer, in Baden, most grave sites were moved to 9600 Bellefontaine Rd. or New Bethlehem Cemeteries; opened about 1849 and closed about 1910)
Bethlehem Lutheran (Old) Cemetery (Baden; see Old Bethlehem Cemetery)
Bissell Church of Christ Cemetery (Black cemetery on Bissell farm, No. Co)
Black Jack Cemetery (Halls Ferry Rd., on Bissell farm?)
Blue Mound Cemetery (Belleville, IL, 1911)
Blum Family Cemetery (Wildwood, Meramec Twp)
Bonhomme Presbyterian (White & Conway Rds., prior to 1915)
Bothe/Glaser Family Cemetery (Wildwood)
Bouquet-Shuttner-Ossenfort Family Cemetery (Wildwood, Meramec Twp)
Bowles-Van Dover Family Cemetery (776 Dennis Drive, south of Fenton; Bonhomme Twp)
Bremen Saxon Cemetery (e of Broadway between Thatcher & Calvary, some bodies removed to Friedens
     Cemetery; 1870?-1925)
Bridgeton Memorial Park (4616 Long Rd., Bridgeton, Central Twp) 1843-1963. Made into a memorial park in
     1962 the condition of this two acre cemetery has deteriorated. To be moved for airport expansion beginning
     in 2000. Old records indicate that the cemetery was integrated since its beginning.
Brockman Family Cemetery (Manchester Rd. between Hwys 109 & 340 (Clarkson Rd.), Wildwood, Meramec
     Twp; 1884?-1907?)
Brouster-Link (Lindberg & Dorsett Rds., Maryland Heights, Central Twp; also called Brouster Family, Mt.
     Pleasant Cemetery, & Magdalena Link Farm Graveyard, graves removed to Fee Fee Cemetery;
Brown Cemetery (Eureka, Meramec Twp)
Brown Family Cemetery (Cliff Cave Rd., Carondelet Twp)
Buena Vista Cemetery
Bukowsky Graveyard (Wildwood)
Burns Family Cemetery (Eureka, Meramec Twp; 1880?-1961?)

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*Calvary Catholic Cemetery (5239 West Florissant Ave.) Largest Catholic cemetery in St. Louis. Established in
     1853, by Bishop Peter R. Kenrick with the purchase of the Clay farm, but not fully in service until 1867. Comprises more than 450+ acres and more than 300,000 interments.
Camp Springs Jewish Cemetery "Emanu El" (near Pratte (Jefferson) and Cooper Sts., (1848) (Second oldest
     Jewish cemetery after United Hebrew) in 1875 moved to New Mount Sinai Cemetery)
Carondelet Catholic Cemetery (Lemay) (see Mt. Olive)
Carondelet Lutheran (7/30/1899)
Carondelet Presbyterian (1861-1910; part of Sigerson Cemetery; bodies removed to Lutheran Cemetery)
Carondelet Protestant Cemetery (So. County, same as above?)
Carrico Family Cemetery (Edward Kuh Estate, 13080 Spanish Pond Rd., St. Ferdinand Twp; 1816-1877)
Carter-Lamkin Family Cemetery (Hillsboro, MO, Bonhomme Twp)
Catholic Cemetery (see Old Catholic Cemetery)
Centaur Cemetery (Wildwood, Meramec Twp)
Centenary Methodist Cemetery
Central Cemetery (Olive Street Rd. & Bonhomme, Clayton, MO., 1880-) Containing two acres around the
Chelsea Park (St. Louis Co., ref. to Sack, Matilda 4/13/1913 p1b)
*Chesed Shel Emeth Cemetery (7570 Olive Blvd. At Hanley, Univeristy City; 1893-1966) Owned by Chesed
     Shel Emeth Society.
Chesed Shel Emeth Cemetery #2 (650 White Rd near Olive Blvd, Chesterfield, Bonhomme Twp; 1967-)
Chevra Kadisha Adas B’Nai Israel V’yeshurun Cemetery (1601 North & South, University City; 1922-)
Chinese Cemetery (University City)
Chouteau, Auguste Property (new Old Court House) For many year transient persons and soldiers of the
     Spanish garrison were buried here, people used these grounds without regard to Chouteau’s ownership. In
     1815 Chouteau gave notice that burials would no longer be permitter here. This was followed by the forming
     of the North St. Louis Cemetery (aka Grace Church Graveyard.)
Christ Church (Episcopal) Cemetery (California south of Chouteau to Ohio) A somewhat favorite Protestants
     burial ground; some bodies moved to Calvary but most to Bellefontaine. (1844-1859)
Church of the Master (Clayton Rd., Baldwin)
City Cemetery/Benton Park (Jefferson-Arsenal-Missouri-Utah Sts.) 10 acres city cemetery established 1833, in
     1856 graves were moved with reburial at the Quarantine section of Arsenal Island; 1833-1859)
City Cemetery/Cathedral see French Burial Ground
City Cemetery/Rutger (west of 7th St. near Park Ave; 1827-1852) (aka Rutger Graveyard/Cemetery
City Cemetery/Sublette (Potter’s Field) (3200 59th St., Macklin, Sublette and Fyler) Established pre 1899, most
     of the graves were moved to Mt. Lebanon Cemetery about 1950 ) (Now site of Hampton Gardens
City Of Valley Park Cemetery (non-Catholic, 122 Main Street, Valley Park, adjacent to SACRED HEART
City Quarantine Cemetery (1 mi s of Jefferson Barracks, on site of Koch Hospital; Oakville, MO; 1859-)
Clayton Family Cemetery (see Walnut Plains)
Clinton Hill Cemetery (Carondelet)
Cold Water Creek (1/2 mi. east of 15380 Old Halls Ferry Rd Old Halls Ferry Rd & 1 mi. north of Hwy 140
     unmarked gravel rd., Black Jack, St. Ferdinand Twp, formerly John Patterson Cemetery, now owned by the
     Daughters of the American Revolution; 1810- )
Coleman Family Cemetery (near riding stables in Babler State Park, Wildwood, Meramec Twp; 1866?-1905?)
College Farm Cemetery
Columbarium Cemetery
Compton Hill Congregational Church Graveyard (1881-1900)
*Concordia Lutheran Cemetery (4209 Bates at Morgan Ford Rd., see also First Evangelical Lutheran Society at
     St. Louis Cemetery; also named New Saxon Cemetery; Mar. 1856- ) 5 acres. First interment was
     11-year-old, Frederick Wilhelm Worthmann, on Sept. 5, 1856. In 1884 Immanuel and Zion District
     congregations relinquished their claim to this cemetery, leaving entire ownership to Trinity and Holt Cross. In
     1884 18 acres were added to the cemetery and in 1929 6 acres, on the west end where sold.
Congregational Beth Homedrah Hagodul (Ladue Rd. e. of Price Rd.)
Conway Family Cemetery (14698 Conway Rd. west of White Rd, Chesterfield, Bonhomme Twp, established in
Crescent Community Cemetery (formerly called Lewis Chapel Cemetery; Eureka, Meramec Twp;

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Darby Cemetery (Chesterfield, Bonhomme Twp)
Dasher Farm Cemetery (Wildwood, Meramec Twp)
Davis Cemetery (So. County)
Daughters of Charity Cemetery (Normandy)
Des Peres Presbyterian Cemetery (e side of Geyer Rd. n of Manchester & s of Clayton Rds., Des Peres,
     Central Twp., see also St. John’s, aka Old Stone Church; 1834-1893)
Dinsmore Family Burial Grounds (Wildwood, Meramec Twp)
Doerschlen ‘Stone’ (last marker of Old St. John’s Lutheran; Ellisville, Bonhomme Twp; 1875?)
Dorsett Cemetery (Maryland Heights)
Doss Farm Cemetery (Wildwood, Meramec Twp)
Dreinhofer Family Cemetery (Wildwood, Meramec Twp)

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Eatherton Family Cemetery (Wildwood, Meramec Twp)
Ebenezer Cemetery (Pacific, MO)
Eberwein Family Graveyard (off Ridge Dr off of Baxter Rd., Chesterfield, Bonhomme Twp; 1858?-1895?)
Eddie, Fine & Sturdy Families (11831 Eddie & Park Rd, Sunset Hills, between Crestoak Lane & Crestmoor
     Drive; Carondelet Twp; 1837-)
Elert-Van Gruben Graveyard (Wildwood, Meramec Twp)
Elk’s Rest (see Bellefontaine Cemetery)
Emanu El Cemetery see Camp Springs Jewish Cemetery
Episcopal Cemetery (18th at Park; a second Christ Church cemetery; 1842?-1851)
Erb Cemetery (Oakville)
Essen Family Graveyard (Old Eatherton Rd. at Hardcastle, Wildwood, Meramec Twp.; 1858?-1961?)
Evangelical Children’s Home Cemetery (8240 St. Charles Rock Rd., Overland, Central Twp; 1881?-1911?)
Evangelical Church of the Holy Ghost Graveyard (cholera epidemic 1849. Same as Holy Ghost Evangelical?)
Evangelical Friedens (Bellefontaine Red near Six Mile House, 1880)
Evangelical Lutheran (Bates St.) Established in 1856, and contains about 20 acres. It belongs to Trinity German
     Lutheran Church.
Evangelical Lutheran (Lemay Ferry Rd.) (PD 4/27/1913)
Evangelical Zion (St. Charles Rock Rd., offices 1826 N. Jefferson Ave., 1905?)

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Fahlbusch Farm Cemetery (Wildwood, Meramec Twp)
Family Cemetery (Wildwood, Meramec Twp)
Father Moses Dickson Cemetery (Afro-American) (999 S. Sappington Rd. at Big Bend, Crestwood) (1903-83)
Fee Fee Baptist Cemetery (11210 Old St. Charles Rock Rd., west of Lindbergh Blvd, Bridgeton, Central Twp;
     1814- (1822?) Oldest Protestant cemetery in the county. Although connected to the Fee Fee Baptist Church
     it was also used by Presbyterians of the Mizpah Church, and Methodists of the Bridgeton Methodist Church.
Fenton Methodist Cemetery (Fenton; removed to Mt. Hope Cemetery ; 1857-1960s?)
Fine Family Graveyard (Fine Rd., Ballwin, MO, Bonhomme Twp)
First Baptist Church of Chesterfield (Hwys 40 at 340, Chesterfield, Bonhomme Twp; 1903?-1979?)
First Baptist Church of Wildwood (Wildwood, Meramec Twp)
First Evangelical Lutheran Society at St. Louis Cemetery 10 acre site south of Arsenal purchased March 3, 1845
     by the Generalgemeinde. In 1850 two acres of thiws land on Jefferson Ave. was givento the Synod for
     relocation of the seminary. (see also Concordia)
First Missionary Church of Ballwin (Ballwin, MO, Bonhomme Twp)
First Protestant Congregation Cemetery (4th St. near Market; 1823-1849)
Fitzgerald-Hibler Family Cemetery (Mason Rd. See Hibler-Fitzgerald, Bonhomme Twp)
Forest Hill Cemetery (St. Charles Rock Rd., 1 mile w of Wellston)
Fort Bellefontaine Cemetery (on bluff just s of the mouth of the Missouri River, No. County.) The first U.S.
     military post established west of the Mississippi, reburial at Jefferson Barracks in 1906; Established 1806,
     closed in 1826)
French Burial Ground (Public cemetery adjacent to Old Cathedral Catholic Cemetery on 7th St. [St. Charles
     Rd.], Operated by the Catholic warden under the Cathedral trustees.
Friede Graveyard (Webster Groves)
*Friedens (Evangelical) Cemetery (8941 N. Broadway, Bellefontaine Neighbors; Originally E & R, also called
     Kopf; 1859(64)-1909) Opened in 1864 by Friedens Evangelical & Reformed Church on approx. 5 acres.
Fry-Banker Family Cemetery (just s of I-270, So. County; 1855-1921; gone, now industrial park)

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Gaertner Family Graveyard (Wildwood, Meramec Twp)
Gahle Family Cemetery (Wildwood, Meramec Twp)
Gatewood Gardens Cemetery (formerly, St. Louis Memorial Gardens & New Picker) (Administered by St.
     Louis Development Corp.)

George Williams Estate Graveyard (Larkin-Williams Industrial Court, Fenton, Bonhomme Twp)
Georgetown (Carondelet; 1899- )
German Evangelical Cemetery (Lemp Ave, between Potomac & Cherokee; jointly owned by St. Marcus German Evangelical Church and St.Peters Evangelical & Reformed Church, cemetery now longer exist and was
     probably removed sometime soon after creation of St.Marcus’s Cemetery in 1856. see also Holy Ghost)
German Lutheran Cemetery (Carondelet)
German Protestant Cemetery (now Old Picker; 1860s?)
German Protestant Orphan’s Home Graveyard (St. Charles Rock Rd., moved to St. Peters UCC [1942],
     Overland, Central Twp; 1870-1880)
Gimbel Family Graveyard (Ossenfort Rd., Wildwood; Meramec Twp)
Glaser Family Graveyard (Wildwood Meramec Twp)
Glencoe Catholic Cemetery (Wildwood, Meramec Twp)
Grace Episcopal Church Cemetery (Warren & 11th St.), also known as North St. Louis Burial Ground,
     1844-1868; for many years before 1844 it was used as a free burial ground. In the cholera year, 1849, there
     were so many interments that the place was full, and had to be closed in 1851. By 1868 they cemetery was
     removed and many bodies were moved to Bellefontaine.
Grauer Family Cemetery (Wildwood, Meramec Twp)
Gravois Saxon Cemetery (see New Saxon Cemetery)
Greb Farm Cemetery (Wildwood, Meramec Twp)
Greenwood Cemetery (Afro-American) (6571 St. Louis Ave., Hillsdale. [adjoins St. Peter’s off of Lucas &
     Hunt Rd] , Hillsdale; Normandy; est. 1874, offices 709 Franklin Ave., George Schrade, sec. H. J. Kruger,
     supt., 1875))
Greenwood (East St. Louis) (1911)
Gumbo Cemetery (Long & Wild Horse Rd., Chesterfield, Bonhomme Twp)
Gutman Family Cemetery (Eureka, Meramec Twp; 1889?-1926?)

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Haag Family Graveyard (Wildwood, Meramec Twp)
Halley Family Cemetery (Wildwood, Meramec Twp)
Harbison-Lewis Family (Bonhomme Twp; see Morschel Cemetery)
Hardt Family Cemetery (Wildwood, Meramec Twp)
Hartman Family Cemetery (Wildwood, Meramec Twp)
Harugari Cemetery (an old German Society, 1 block s of Manchester Rd. w side of Old Meramec Sta. Rd.,
     Manchester, Bonhomme Twp; 1879?-)
Heiman Graveyard (Wildwood)
Heipertz-Rahm Cemetery (Wildwood, Meramec Twp)
Hencken Family Cemetery ( mi s of Manchester & Hencken Rds, Wildwood, Meramec Twp; 1896?-1947?)
Hensler Family Cemetery (Wildwood, Meramec Twp)
Heritage Gardens (Mason Rd., Creve Coeur, Central Twp)
Herzig-Peterson Family Graveyard (Ballwin, Bonhomme Twp)
Hibler-Fitzgerald Family Cemetery (west side of Mason Rd, south of Olive St. Rd., Creve Coeur, Bonhomme
     Twp; 1845?-1903?)
Hillcrest Abbey Cemetery (formerly Missouri Crematory; Sublette; 1888- )
Hiram Burial Park see Hiram Cemetery
Hiram Cemetery (aka Hiram Burial Park. see Mt. Zion Methodist & Salem Methodist) Mason Rd. near Olive
     St. Now Bellerive Cemetery)
Hoeltge Farm Cemetery (Wildwood, Meramec Twp)
Hohmann Family Graveyard (Wildwood, Meramec Twp)
Holderrieth Family Cemetery (Wildwood, Meramec Twp)
Holy Cross (Evangelical, 1845-)
Holy Cross Catholic Cemetery (Wildwood, Meramec Twp. Dedicated 1986 with 88 acres)
Holy Cross Lutheran Church Cemetery (2650 Miami; expanded from Trinity Church &
     Cemetery; 1888-1900) Site now hods Holy Cross Evangelical Lutheran Church.
Holy Family Fathers (Overland)
Holy Ghost Cemetery (Wyoming nw corner of Gravois, Roosevelt H.S. on site; see Old Picker’s –1912)
Holy Ghost Evangelical (& Reformed) Cemetery (Compton, Wyoming, Louisiana-Arsenal Sts; aka Picker, Old
     Picker’s, German Protestant, & Riddle Cemetery; 1845-1917)
Holy Trinity Catholic Cemetery ([aka Poor Man’s Catholic Cemetery; New Breman Cemetery] N. Broadway
     and Taylor, adjoining O’Fallon Park, mostly poor, burials moved to Calvary; 1864-1908) (aka Mt. Holy
Homann Family (Manchester & Wild Horse Creek Rd.; Meramec Twp)
Hope Cemetery (Pacific, MO)
Horn Cemetery (Lewis Rd, Crescent/Eureka, Meramec Twp; 1850?-1887?)
Horstmann Family Cemetery (Manchester Rd. 1 mi w of Hwt T; Wildwood, Meramec Twp; 1882?-1947?)

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Idel-Kreienkamp-Rosenbaum Cemetery (see Rosenbaum-Idel-Kreienkamp)
Immanuel Lutheran Cemetery (S. Warson Rd., Creve Coeur, Central Twp; 1868?-)
Independent Evangelical Protestant Church (7133 Gravois Rd. near River des Peres, also called New Picker)
Inks Family Cemetery (Eureka, Meramec Twp)
International Order of Odd Fellows Cemetery (9920 S. Broadway near Jefferson Barracks, Carondelet Twp,
     opened 1893) One mile below River Des Peres, containing about 4 acres.

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Jaeger Family Cemetery (Wildwood, Meramec Twp)
Jedburgh Family Cemetery (Sherman, MO, Meramec Twp.; 1908?-1972?)
*Jefferson Barracks National (Military) Cemetery (Civilian Burials through the Civil War period; 2900 Sheridan
     Rd, South County; includes reinterrments from Fort Bellefontaine & Arsenal Island, 1/106 Confederate
     soldiers Established 1827 with 45 acres including the Old Post Burial Grounds, containing graves of a number
     of distinguished officers of the ante-bellum army.
Jesuit Cemetery of St. Stanislaus Novitiate (Florissant, 12 miles from court house) Contains the remains of nearly
     all those young Indian missionaries who came to St. Louis in 1823 and founded the Novitiate and the St.
     Louis University, among them Father De Smet.
Jewish Burying Ground (see United Hebrew Cemetery, Chouteau Mill Rd.)
Judge Long Family (see Sappington)
Judge Walton’s Cemetery

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Kelpe Burial Ground (Wildwood, Meramec Twp)
Kesselring Cemetery (Wildwood, Meramec Twp)
Kesselring/Sandos Graveyard (Wildwood, Meramec Twp)
Kessels Family Cemetery (Wildwood, Meramec Twp)
King Family Cemetery (Ballwin, MO, Bonhomme Twp)
Klump-Brundick Family Graveyard (Wildwood, Meramec Twp)
Koch Hospital Cemetery (Oakville, same as Quarantine ?)
Koewing Family Cemetery (on the site of St. Thomas UCC, Wild Horse Creek Rd, 2 mi. east of Hwy C,
     Chesterfield, Bonhomme Twp; also called Old St. Thomas Church Cemetery)
Kopf Cemetery (see Frieden’s Cemetery)
Kramer Family Cemetery (Wildwood, Meramec Twp)
Krausch Family Graveyard (7/10 of a mi from the junction of Melrose & Allenton Rds.,
     Wildwood, Meramec Twp; 1917?-1930?)
Kreienkamp-Rosenbaum-Idel Cemetery (see Rosenbaum-Idel-Kreienkamp)
Kreienkamp-Schmitz Family Graveyard (Wildwood, Meramec Twp)
Kroenung Family Cemetery (Wildwood, Meramec Twp)
Krueger Family Cemetery (Wildwood, Meramec Twp)
Krueger-Kajewsicz Graveyard (Wildwood, Meramec Twp)

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La Salle Protectorate Cemetery (Wildwood, Meramec Twp)
Lacy (Plot) Cemetery (Ramsey Corp. [RAMCO] Grounds, Manchester Rd. east of Woods Mill, Manchester,
     Bonhomme Twp, moved to St. Clair, MO in 2001; 1829?-1877?)
*Lake Charles (Burial) Memorial Park (7775 St. Charles Rock Rd., Normandy, 1922-) Located on 85+ acres
     and includes a mausoleum.
*Lakewood Park Cemetery (Benoist Mansion, 60 Grasso Plaza, Affton, east side of Mackenzie Road, one mile
     south of Watson Road; 1920- )
Lamkin-Carter Graveyard (Hillsboro Rd. 1 mi s of Hwy 44, Affton, Bonhomme Twp, or Carter-Lamkin; 1857-)
Land Grant Cemetery (Florissant)
*Laurel Hill Memorial Gardens (2000 N. Pennsylvania off St. Charles Rock Rd, Wellston, 1925?)
Lewis Chapel Cemetery (Eureka, Meramec Twp; now called Crescent Community Cemetery)
Lewis-Harbison Cemetery (see Morschel Cemetery)
Lippson’s Family Cemetery (Wildwood, Meramec Twp)
Lucas (Cemetery) Burial Ground (near Washington between 18th and 19th; 1815-1843. Remains relocated to
     vault beneath St. Bridget of Erin Catholic Church)
Lutheran Evangelical (Warson Rd. s. of Olive St. Rd. est. before 1930)

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Magdalen Link Farm Graveyard (see Brouster-Link)
Manchester Methodist Church Yard Cemetery (129 Woods Mill Rd., Manchester, Bonhomme Twp;
Marion Cemetery
Masonic (Cemetery) Grave Yard (10th, 11th, St. Charles & Washington Sts,) Drainage problems forced closure
     after several years. (1824-1831)
Mc Clure Cemetery (Allenton, MO)
Mc Cullough Family Graveyard (Wildwood, Meramec Twp)
*Memorial Park Cemetery (Lucas-Hunt Rd & Hwy 70, Jennings, MO, 1925?)
Methodist Cemetery (Gravois)
Methodist Graveyard (Easton Ave.) Abandoned in 1850, the bodies being removed to the Wesleyan Cemetery
     at Grand & Laclede.
Meyers Family Cemetery (Wildwood, Meramec Twp)
Missouri Bottom (Chesterfield)
Missouri Crematory (3211 Sublette Ave.; see also City Cemetery/Sublette & Hillcrest Abbey, 1890?)
Molz Family Cemetery (Ossenfort Rd, Glencoe/Wildwood, Meramec Twp; 18887?)
Montana Cemetery (Gravois Rd., 8 miles from city, Ernst Zaun, sexton, 1875)
Morschel Cemetery (also called Harbison-Lewis Cemetery, Sherman, MO, Meramec Twp; 1848?-1901?)
Most Holy Trinity (see Holy Trinity Catholic)
Mt. Carmel Cemetery (E.St.L, Belleville, 1899)
*Mt. Hope Cemetery ([Protestant]; 3906 Mount Olive Road, off 1215 Lemay Ferry Rd., Carondelet Twp) (aka
     Oak Dale Cemetery)
Mt. Lebanon Cemetery (11101 St. Charles Rock Rd. & Lindbergh, St. Ann, MO)
Mt. Olive (Old Burial Grounds) Cemetery (1823-1839; see next entry)
Mt. Olive (Catholic) Cemetery (1849/56- ; Originally located in Carondelet at sight of St. Mary & St. Joseph
     Catholic Church; moved to 3906 Mount Olive Rd., 15 acres. Behind Mt. Hope, Lemay, Carondelet Twp,
     also called Sigerson)
Mt. Olive Hebrew Cemetery (Olive St. Rd., University City, Central Twp; became United Hebrew; 1854-)
     Land originally acquired by Adas Jeshuron Congregation, now owned by United Hebrew congregation.
Mt. Olive Jewish Originally located near where Union Station train sheds now stand (south of Market St. at
     20th) and owned by B’Nai Ammona Congregation. In 1884 they purchased ground in Mt. Sinai Cemetery.
     Up on merger with Sheerith Israel Congregation in 1893, they became owners of that congregations cemetery
     on North and South Rd.
Mt. Pleasant Baptist Cemetery (Wildwood, CHESTERFIELD? Meramec Twp)
Mt. Pleasant Cemetery (was located on Lindbergh & Dorsett Rd, moved to Fee Fee Baptist)
Mt. Sherrish (see next)
Mt. Sheerith Cemetery (Olive St. Rd., University City; offices 917 N. 4th, also Mount Scheerish Cemetery,
Mt. Sinai (Jewish) Cemetery (Gravois Rd., Affton, west of River Des Peres; includes B’Nai El Hebrew burial
     ground; continued as New Mt. Sinai; 1858-1883?) (Reorganized 1869) Owned jointly by B’Nai El, Shaare
     Emeth, and Temple congregations.
Mt. Zion Methodist Cemetery (Olive St & Studt Ave, Creve Coeur, Central Twp, Moved to Hiram/Bellerive;
     1875?- )
Mueller/Gottlebene Graveyard (Wildwood, Meramec Twp)
Mueller/Miller Family Graveyard (Muller Rd. near Hwy 100 (Manchester), Wildwood, Meramec Twp;
Muessemeyer Familty Graveyard (Wildwood, Meramec Twp)
Musick Baptist Cemetery (African-American, Fee Fee n. of Marine; Maryland Heights)
Myers/Ferguson Graveyard (Chesterfield, Bonhomme Twp)

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Nazareth Cemetery (So. County)
New Bethlehem Lutheran Cemetery (9600 Bellefontaine Rd., opened in 1885 by Bethlehem Evangelical
     Lutheran Church, replaced Old Bethlehem Cemetery)
New Bremen Catholic Cemetery (see Holy Trinity Cemetery)
New Catholic Cemetery (Franklin Ave. originally known as St. Charles Rd. at 7th St.) In 1831 the Bishop had
     the remains taken from the Old Cathedral Cemetery and re-interred at the new. After closing, some remains
     were moved to Rock Spring Cemetery on Cerre St near Duncan, others were removed to a special vault
     located at St. Bridget’s Church; 1828-1849)
New Coldwater Burial Grounds (Black Jack) (African-American)
*New Mt. Sinai Cemetery Assoc. (8430 Gravois Rd., Affton, S. County; formed from original Mt. Sinai; 1884-)
New Picker Cemetery Replaced Old Picker’s, at 7133 Gravois Rd 6 miles from the court house, near the River
     Des Peres. It contains about 20 acres and belonged to the Independent Protestants. Became St. Louis
     Memorial Gardens, now Gatewood Gardens. New Picotte (Gravois Rd., offices 709 Soulard & 1334 S. 7th,
     same as New Picker)
New Saxon Lutheran Cemetery (Gravois Rd., see also Concordia Cemetery)
New St. Marcus (see St. Marcus)
New St. John’s Evangelical Cemetery (Lemay Ferry Rd., Mehlville, MO)
New St. Paul’s Cemetery (PD 5/2/1913)
New Wesleyan Cemetery (see Wesleyan Cemetery)
Ney Family Cemetery (Wildwood, Meramec Twp)
North St. Louis Burial Ground (11th and Warren; 1832-1849; see Grace Episcopal Church Yard; Re-interred
     at Bellefontaine)
Notre Dame (Lemay)

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O’Fallon Burial Ground (9th between Washington and O’Fallon) (Franklin Ave & Carr St.?) Comprising five
     acres, belonging to Col. John O’Fallon, abandoned and bodies removed 1835?
Oak Dale Cemetery On the old Sigerson farm, below Carondelet in Lemay. One half for Catholics (Mt. Olive)
     and the other half for Protestants. (aka Mt. Hope
*Oak Grove (7800 St. Charles Rock Rd. & Carson Rds., Normandy, pre 1930)
Oak Grove Cemetery (9990 S. Broadway, 1925?)
*Oak Hill Cemetery (10305 Big Bend Blvd, Kirkwood, Central Twp (1830 (1866?)-1927, many bodies from
     old cemeteries reinterred here) Used chiefly by Kirkwood, Webster Groves, and the vicinity, containing 50
*Oakdale Cemetery (3900 Mt. Olive Rd. (half of property Protestant, connects with other half – Mt. Olive
     Catholic; Lemay, Carondelet Twp) (aka Mt. Hope)
Oakridge (near Kirkwood) also called Oak Hill
Oakwood Cemetery (Kirkwood)
Odd Fellows (1893- ; 9962 S. Broadway near Jefferson Barracks - see also International Order of Odd
Ohave Sholom Cemetery (7410 Olive, University City; 1949-)
Old Bethlehem (Lutheran) Cemetery (Bittner & Switzer, Baden area of N. St. Louis; 1849-1910; nearly
     abandoned in 1897. Most bodies removed to New Bethlehem Cemetery)
Old Bonhomme (Presbyterian) Cemetery (Conway Rd w of Woods Mill Rd, Bonhomme Twp; also called Old
     St. Martin’s; 1841- )
Old Bonhomme Presbyterian Cemetery (White Rd., Chesterfield, Bonhomme Twp; 1828?-)
Old Bremen Saxon Cemetery(see Bremen Saxon Cemetery)
Old Catholic (Franklin between 20th and Jefferson St., 1831-1849; moved to Rock Springs Cemetery)
Old Catholic (Cathedral) Cemetery (also known as St. Louis King of France Cemetery) (Walnut between 2nd
      [Rue de l’Englise] and 3rd [Rue de Granges], containing about one acre it included Indians and Negroes as
     well as whites; 1771-1828; and New Catholic Cemetery opened on Franklin Ave. (St. Charles Rd.) at 7th
     St.; opened about 1824, after the closing of the Old Catholic Cemetery, closed in 1831. Many of the remains
     moved to St. Peter Cemetery in Kirkwood)
Old Cemetery (Olive St. Rd, e of Hwy 141,Chesterfield, Bonhomme Twp; 1885?-1903?)
Old Fort Bellefontaine Cemetery (see Fort Bellefontaine)
Old French Cemetery (Walnut between3rd and 4th; 1828-1849)
Old German Graveyard see Westerman’s Graveyard
Old Grace Cemetery (St. Louis Ave at 11th; 1825-1844)
Old Musick Burial Ground (Hazelwood)
Old Old Picker’s Cemetery (Kansas-Wyoming-Louisiana-Arsenal area of South St. Louis; area now home to
     Roosevelt High School.; Cholera Victims, 1845-1889; removed July 1916. Established 1845 by the Holy
     Ghost Evangelical & Reformed Church. Continued by New Picker’s Cemetery.
Old Picker’s or Holy Ghost (1894-1901)
Old Picker’s (7133 Gravois Rd.; originally Evangelical and Reformed, 1851-1893) (see Greenwood)
Old Picotte see Old Picker’s
Old Presbyterian Cemetery (4th & Walnut) Belonging to Rev. Salmon Giddings, 1820s?
Old Redeemer Cemetery (Affton)
Old St. Ferdinand’s (see St. Ferdinand’s)
Old St. John’s Lutheran (see Doerschle Stone)
Old St. Joseph’s Catholic (1846-1877) (see St. Joseph’s Roman Catholic Church)
Old St. Marcus (see St. Marcus German Evangelical Cemetery)
Old St. Paul’s Evangelical (see St. Paul’s Evangelical Cemetery)
Old St. Thomas Church (see Koewing Cemetery)
Old Salem Church Cemetery (see Salem Methodist Old Cemetery)
Old Stone Church (see Des Peres Presbyterian)
Old Zion (see Parkway UCC Cemetery)
Ossenford-Bouquet-Shuttner Family Cemetery (Ossenford Rd & Hwy T, Glencoe, MO; 1883?-1899?)
*Our Redeemer (Evangelical Lutheran) Cemetery (8300 Mackenzie Rd. near Gravois, 32 acres purchased in 1915)

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Paffrath Family Cemetery (Wildwood, Meramec Twp)
Paffrath/Kissing Graveyard (Wildwood, Meramec Twp)
Papin Saxton (Lutheran) Cemetery (St. Charles Plank Rd., 1875; became Western Evangelical Lutheran, 1882)
Park Hill Cemetery (adjoins St. Lucas Cemetery in Sappington/Sunset Hills, MO, pre -1915)
*Park Lawn Cemetery (1800 Lemay Ferry Rd. at Green Park Rd., est. pre 1930)
Parkway UCC (Old) Cemetery (Ballas-Clayton Rds. [Old Zion Evangelical & Reformed] Town & County,
     Central Twp; 1838-1909)
Patterson (John)-Pioggott Graveyard (Old Halls Ferry Rd, Black Jack, see Cold Water; established 1809)
Paxon Saxon Lutheran Cemetery (see also Western Lutheran)
Peterson Family Cemetery (Ballwin, MO, Bonnehome Twp)
Piccary (entrance from private home, basement of 4935 Rosa Ave, also at 4904 Mardel, in cave)
Picker (see Old Picker’s)
Pickett’s (Arsenal, three blocks east of Grand)
Picotte (also called Piggott, Old Picotte, Vickert, Old Picker, German Evangelical Cemetery; Arsenal between
     Louisiana and Compton; 1845-1898)
Pilgrim Rest (about 1945)
Pillman Family Cemetery (Ballwin, MO, Bonhomme Twp)
Pipkin Burying Ground
Pleasants-Ferguson Family Graceyard (Wildwood, Meramec Twp)
Poertner, Friedrich Family Graveyard ( also known as Poertner Lamping Family Cemetery; Hencken Rd & Hwy
     100, Wildwood; Meramec Twp; 1876?-1965?)
Pond Cemetery (also called Bethel Methodist)
Poor Man’sCatholic Cemetery (see Holt Trinity Cemetery)
Potter’s Field (Municipal Cemetery, on the city and county farm, Hampton & Fyler, now apartment complex,
     see also City Cemetery/Sublette. Established pre 1899, bodies moved about 1950 to Mt. Lebanon
     Cemetery, 11101 St. Charles Rock Rd.)
Potts Family Cemetery (Wildwood, Meramec Twp)
Presbyterian Cemetery (City) (same as OLD PRESBYTERIAN?)
Private Fox Creek Graveyard (Wildwood, Meramec Twp)
Protestant Burial Ground (1st in city at 4th & Market Sts) Went out of business in 1830, The remains were not
     entirely removed, and for many years afterward bones were turned up during excavations for developments.
Public Cemetery see French Burial Ground
Public Cemetery (Main St., Vinita Park)
Puellman Family Cemetery (Wildwood, Meramec Twp)

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Quarantine Cemetery (1 mi south of Jefferson Barracks. On site of Koch Hospital, used for Yellow Fever &
     Small Pox victims and for Civil War sick & wounded soldiers.; Oakville; 1859-closed pre 1899)
Quinette Cemetery (African-American, Ballas Rd at Big Bend, Kirkwood/Des Peres, pre 1930)

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Ranken-Burns Cemetery (north side of Hwy 44,on a private road east of Lewis Rd, .7 mi east of the Meramec River, Eureka, Meramec Twp; 1846-)
*Resurrection Cemetery & Mausoleum (6901 Mackenzie Rd., Affton; 300+ acres, 1928-)
Riddle (see Old Picker or Holy Ghost)
Rieger Family Cemetery (Wildwood, Meramec Twp)
Rock Hill Presbyterian (Gone, Manchester Rd & Mc Knight, some moved to Oak Hill;
Rock Hill at Manchester Rd., Central Twp; 1853?-1941?)
Rock Springs Catholic Cemetery (Sarah-Duncan-Boyle-Clayton, moved to Calvary in 1879, and a vault beneath
     St. Bridget’s Church. see also New Catholic Cemetery; 1849-1954)
Rose Hill (Kirkwood)
Rosenbaum Family Graveyard (Allenton Rd, Wildwood, Meramec Twp; 1869?-1912?)
Rosenbaum-Idel-Kreienkamp Cemetery
Rosenzweig Family Cemetery (Wildwood, Meramec Twp)
Rural Cemetery (became Bellefontaine)
Rutgers (Graveyard) Cemetery (see City Cemetery)
Ruwwe Graveyard (Wildwood)

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Sacred Heart Catholic Cemetery (600 Graham Rd. north of Taylor, Florissant, St. Ferdinand Twp, 14 acres;
Sacred Heart Catholic Cemetery (Main Street adjacent to CITY OF VALLEY PARK CEMETERY
     [non-Catholic] Valley Park, Bonhomme Twp)
St. Ann’s Catholic Cemetery (also known as St. Ann’s of Normandy; 7530 Natural Bridge Rd. & Lucas & Hunt
     Rd, Normandy, Central Twp; 1856-) (Named in honor of Mrs. Ann Hunt who donated the grounds and built
     the church on it.
St. Ferdinand (de Florissant) (Old) Catholic Cemetery (Florissant, St. Ferdinand Twp; 1789-1875)
St. Ferdinand (New) Catholic Cemetery (600 Graham Rd., Florissant, MO) 1875- on 35 acres.
St. George’s Episcopal Church Cemetery (1851-1871, moved to Bellefontaine?)
St. Henry’s Cemetery (E. St. Louis? 9/28/1890)
St. John’s Evangelical Cemetery (Bellfontaine Rd., offices 1413 N. Market, 1875)
*St. John’s Evangelical Cemetery (1860-; 1239 St. Cyr Rd, Chesterfield, Bonhomme Twp)
St. John’s Evangelical UCC (new) Cemetery (Sappington Barracks west of Lemay Ferry Rd., Mehlville, pre
St. John’s Lutheran (new) Cemetery (Ellisville, Bonhomme Twp; 1868-1889)
St. John’s Lutheran (old) Cemetery (virtually disappeared, aka Doerschlen Stone; Ellisville, Bonhomme Twp;
St. John’s (in Frontenac, formerly Des Peres Presbyterian) Manchester (Bonhomme Twp)
St. John’s Lutheran (disappeared; 1889-1909)
St. John’s UCC Cemetery (Sulphur Springs Rd. 1 blocks. of Manchester Rd., Manchester, Bonhomme Twp,
     also called Evangelical & Reformed; 1910?-1972?)
St. John’s UCC (old) Cemetery (Mehlville)
St. Joseph’s Catholic Cemetery (1 block west of Hwy 141 on Creve Coeur St., Manchester, Bonhomme Twp;
     1851- 1908?)
St. Joseph’s Catholic Church Cemetery (1220 N. 11th St.)
St. Joseph’s (Catholic) Church Cemetery (Clayton, also called Old St. Martin’s, Old Bonhomme, & Price-Old
     Bonhomme Cemetery)
St. Louis, King of France (Old Cathedral prior to 1840)
St. Louis Memorial Gardens Formerly New Pickers, now Gatewood Gardens
*St. Lucas Cemetery (11735 Denny Rd, Sappington/Sunset Hills, MO, prior to 1915)
St. Luke’s UCC (E & R) Church Cemetery (2336 Tennessee; 1871-1900)
St. Marcus (German Evangelical) Cemetery (7901 Gravois & Loughborough. Replaced jointly owned German
     Evangelical Cemetery. Closed, now a park; 1856-1977) Contains 37 acres.
*St. Marcus Evangelical Lutheran Cemetery (Gravois near city limits, south of River Des Peres) (aka New St.
     Marcus) Contains 170 acres, part in the city and part in the county. Purchase in 1894, largely through efforts
     of John Stuckenberg, Philip Brenner and Jacob Pfeffle.
St. Martin’s Cemetery (Price St & Old Bonhomme, Clayton, Central Twp, also St. Joseph’s Cemetery;
St. Mary’s Parish Cemetery (Fee Fee Rd, near Hall Ave., Bridgeton, Central Twp) Former parish cemetery was
     taken over by Catholic Cemeteries in 2002. 1852- on 4+ acres.
St. Matthew’s UCC Church (3449 S. Jefferson; 1892-1909)
*St. Matthew Cemetery (4360 Bates Rd. between Morganford & Gravois Rds., Established in 1878, on 40
     acres, as the first cemetery in the southern part of the city. Herman Huelsmann, sexton, 1880) Belongs to St.
Matthew’s German Evangelical & Reformed Church.
St. Monica’s Catholic Cemetery (Olive Street Rd. west of Hwy 270, Creve Coeur, Central Twp; 1872-1958?)
     1 acre
St. Orge Cemetery (Wildwood, Meramec Twp)
St. Patrick’s Cemetery (see Old Catholic Cemetery)
St. Paul’s Catholic Cemetery (Old Baumgartner & Heintz Rds., (Hwy 30 & 41), Fenton, Bonhomme Twp;
     1891- )
St. Paul’s Cemetery (Oakville, United Church of Christ, Baumgartner & Old Baumgartner Rds., west of
     Telegraph Road; 1844)
St. Paul’s Churchyard (Rock Hill at Gravois, 6 miles from court houses, on 122 acres. Continues St. Paul’s
     Evangelical Cemetery; 1925- . The remains of 10,000 were relocated here from the first St. Paul’s
     Evangelical Cemetery which closed in 1924.)
St. Paul’s Evangelical Cemetery (; 1st – 6417-6424 Gravois at Wilmington on both sides of the road,
     1840-1924, predecessor of St. Paul’s UCC, 1843-; 2nd – St. Paul’s Church Yard, Rock Hill near Gravois
     Rd.], 1893; 3rd – Warson & Olive, Central Twp)
St. Paul’s Evangelical Lutheran (Ballas Rd, about 1/2 mi south of Manchester, Des Peres, Central Twp; 1842?-)
St. Paul’s UCC (Olive Street Rd. & Warson, Creve Coeur, Central Twp; continues St. Paul’s Church Yard)
St. Paul’s Lutheran Churchyard (Old Eatherton Rd. & Hwy C, Meramec Twp; 1886?-1938?)
*St. Paul’s Churchyard (7600 S. Rock Hill Rd.)
St. Peter’s Catholic Cemetery (S. Geyer Rd., Kirkwood, Central Twp; 1832-, 16 acres. Many of the remains
     from the Old Cathedral Burial Grounds were brought here.)
*St. Peter’s (Evangelical) UCC Cemetery (est. 1855; 2101 Lucas & Hunt Rd., Normandy, Central Twp; 128
     acre cemetery opened in1855- after the closing of Westerman Graveyard; includes children’s plot for little
     orphans from the German Protestant Evangelical Home ) Belongs to the German Lutheran Church, comprised
     only 25 acres in 1899.
St. Petri Cemetery (Hunt Rd. bet. St. Charles Rock Rd. & Nat. Bridge Rd.; Offices 1417 Franklin Ave.,
     Henry Thias, sexton, 1880)
St. Stanislaus Jesuit Cemetery (700 Howdershell Rd, Florissant)
St. Thomas UCC Church Cemetery (Wild Horse Creek Rd East of Hwy C, Chesterfield, Bonhomme Twp; also
     called Koewing Family; 1852?-1880? )
*St. Trinity (Evangelical) Lutheran Cemetery (2160 Lemay Ferry Rd. near Green Park Rd. 30 acres established
     in 1863.)
St. Vincent’s Catholic Cemetery (Jefferson-Eads-Ohio-Park Ave.), Founded by the Lazarist Fathers for the
     parish of St. Vincent. Closed and transferred to Calvary; 1845-1865)
Sts. Mary & Joseph Cemetery (Established as early as 1775 between 2nd & 3rd Sts. In Carondelet (Southern
     limits of city, originally its own town.) Cemetery was probably removed when the church was expanded in
Sts. Peter & Paul (on Gravois Rd., 7 miles from court house) [Catholic] Established in 1865, by German
     Catholics of the Sts. Peter and Paul parish; successor to St. Vincent Cemetery. Offices 17 Temple Bldg,
     Frank Lichtenauer, sexton, 1875. Comprising 88 acres
Sale, Joseph Cemetery (Sunset Hills)
*Salem (Evangelical) Lutheran Cemetery (5825 Parker Rd. east of old Jamestown, Black Jack)
Salem Methodist (old) Cemetery (originally at 6200 Natural Bridge, now 6810 Natural Bridge, Normandy,
     1875? - 1953, moved to Hiram, now Bellerive Cemetery)
Salem Methodist Cemetery ( Manchester Rd., Ballwin, Bonhomme Twp; est. 1855)
San Marcos (near 2940 Thomas Ave, 1899)
Sappington Burial Ground or Judge Long Family (Watson Rd. east of Crestwood Plaza at Grant Rd.,
     Carondelet Twp; 1812- )
Saxon Cemetery (res. 4126 Clayton Rd. 7/6/1890)
Schmitz Family Graveyard (Wildwood, Meramec Twp)
Schueller Family Graveyard (Hwy 100, 1 mi west of Hwy T., Wildwood, Meramec Twp)
Schnuttner-Ossenfort-Bouquet Family Cemetery (see Ossenfort)
Schutz Family Graveyard (Wildwood, Meramec Twp)
Sherrith Israel Cemetery (Olive Street Rd., University City, established in 1871 the congregation disbanded by
     1900. Cemetery closed in 1913) Belongs to B’Nai Amoona congregation.
Shreve Burial Ground (City)
Sigerson Farm Cemetery (now Mt. Olive Catholic, Lemay)
Society of Mary (Sunset Hills)
Steines Family Cemetery (Wildwood, Meramec Twp)
Strecker Family Cemetery (Wildwood, Meramec Twp)
Stricker Family Cemetery (Wildwood, Meramec Twp)
Stosberg Family Cemetery (Wildwood, Meramec Twp)
Stroderville Cemetery (Hazelwood)
Stuart Family Cemetery (on farm owned by Schroeder, Valley Rd. mi e of Strecker Rd., Chesterfield,
     Bonhomme Twp; also called Valley Cemetery; 1864?-1960?)
Stump Family Cemetery (Wildwood, Meramec Twp)
Sturdy Family Cemetery ( north side of East Watson Rd, Crestwood, Carondelet Twp;1863?-)
Sublette Cemetery (Sublette near Arsenal, see City Cemetery/Sublette)
Sunset Burial Park (see next entry)
*Sunset Memorial Park & Mausoleum (10180 Gravois Rd. also called Sunset Burial Park, 1925?)
Sutton Family Burying Ground (Maplewood, moved to Oak Hill)

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Taylor Cemetery (Pepperhill Dr., Florissant)
Tholozan Family Graveyard
Tribune Baptist Cemetery (Valley Park, Bonhomme Twp)
Trinity Baptist Cemetery (Valley Park, Bonhomme Twp)
Trinity Church and Cemetery (Lutheran, expanded into Holy Cross Cemetery and Concordia Cemetery;
     established 1830s)
Trinity (Evangelical) Lutheran Cemetery (south side of Clayton Rd. near Woods Mill, Chesterfield, Bonhomme Twp; 1892-1909)
Trinity Lutheran Church Cemetery (Located near present Holy Cross Lutheran Church at Ohio and Miami,
     moved to Concordia Cemetery, on Bates St; ; 1845-1856)
Tyler Family Cemetery (Wildwood, Meramec Twp)

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U. S. National Cemetery (see Jefferson Barracks)
Union Baptist Church Cemetery (Chesterfield, Bonhomme Twp)
United Hebrew Cemetery (Second oldest area Jewish Cemetery, near Pratte (Jefferson) and Cooper Sts
     (Gratiot) established by Emanu El Congregation in 1840 or 1848. Area also known as Chouteau Mill Rd.
     Congregation merged with B’Nai Brith Congregation to form B’Nai El Congregation and graves were
     removed to B’Nai El Hebrew burial grounds on Gravois, 1864), formerly Mt. Olive Hebrew and United
     Hebrew in University City; 1867)
United Hebrew Cemetery (7701-7855 Canton, University City; 1867-) (Started after closing of old United
     Hebrew Cemetery in City, 1867
Urminia Lodge Cemetery (Olive St Rd., MO 141 (Bonhomme Twp)

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*Valhalla Cemetery (7676 St. Charles Rock Rd., Normandy - northeast corner holds section of graves of early
     Chinese-Americans, 1925?)
Valley Cemetery (Wildwood, Meramec Twp)
Valley Park Catholic (see SACRED HEART CEMETERY, Main St., Valley Park, Bonhomme Twp)
Valley-Stuart Family Cemetery (see Stuart Family Cemetery)
Villa Gesu Center (1155 Riverview Drive, School Sisters of Notre Dame; 1931-1998) (752 nuns moved to
     Resurrection Cemetery, 2002)

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Walnut Plains (Clayton Family, once located at Clayton Rd & Brentwood Blvd., Clayton, Central Twp;
     1834-1856,moved about 1900)
Wardenburg Family Graveyard (Wildwood, Meramec Twp)
Warfield Family Cemetery ( mi west of Pond on Manchester Rd.; 1845?-1911?)
Washington Park (African-American, Natural Bridge & Brown Rds. off Hwy 70 near Airport, moved in part to
     allow airport Expansion in the 1990s; 1920-) A. C. Cummings appointed Sexton first year
Water Cemetery (Chesterfield, Bonhomme Twp)
Wesleyan Cemetery (#2, Laclede & Market, west of Grand. During the Civil War several hundred Union
     soldiers were buried there later moved to Jefferson Barracks. Abandoned in 1874, other graves moved to Wesleyan Cemetery at Olive and Hanley in 1878; 1851-1878)
Wesleyan Lutheran Cemetery (#3, aka New Wesleyan Cemetery, se corner Olive near Hanley, University City,
     Central Twp, , moved in 1952 to Memorial Park; early Chinese-American held Section in northwest corner;
     remains removed to China when cemetery closed; est. 1878-1952?)
Wesleyan Methodist Cemetery (#1, Franklin Ave. and 23rd St.; 3 cemeteries of this name, this is the first,
     includes numerous slaves & Free Black, 1840-1860)
Westerman Graveyard (Cemetery) (Lemp, Utah, Cherokee and Wisconsin Sts., [Baptist] condemned in 1857,
     graves moved to St. Peter’s (north St. Louis) or St. Marcus (south St. Louis) (aka Old German Graveyard)
*Western Evangelical Lutheran Cemetery (Marcus and Lexington, near Natural Bridge adjacent to Immanuel
     Lutheran Church which was built in 1928. see also Papin Saxton or Paxon; 1860-)
Wetzel Farm Cemetery (Wildwood, Meramec Twp)
Wickersham Family Graveyard (University City)
Williams (George) Estate Cemetery (Larkin-Williams Industrial Court, Fenton, Bonhomme Twp; 1897?-1941?)
Wills (reference from obit of resident of Carondelet; PD 6/1899)
Willming Farm Cemetery (Wildwood, Meramec Twp)

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Zion (Evangelical) Cemetery (Ballas Rd. & Clayton Rd., Maryland Heights, Central Twp; 1880s-1910s)
*Zion (Evangelical & Reformed) UCC Cemetery (7401 St. Charles Rock Rd. w. of Lucas & Hunt, Normandy,
     established in 1833 on 50 acres, the cemetery wasn;t dedicated until June 1, 1894.)
Zion Evangelical Lutheran (Dorsett Rd near Mc Kelvey Rd., pre 1930)

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In 1823 the city authorities passed an ordinance prohibiting further burials within the city limits. These limits, at the time, were Seventh Street on the west, Biddle Street on the north, and Mill Creek on the south.


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Kathy Smith
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